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September 8: PeopleFund Manager to Discuss Book on the Best Places to Live

Posted by Hopeton on September 6, 2008

Tanya Ladha of PeopleFund will discuss the book “Who’s Your City: How The Creative Economy Is

Tanya Ladha, PeopleFund

Tanya Ladha, PeopleFund

Making Where To Live The Most Important Decision Of Your Life” by Richard Florida on the September 8 edition of Economic Perspectives. Florida, a professor of Business and Creativity at the University of Toronto, argues in his book that where you live has an equal if not greater effect on our economic future, happiness, and overall life question, than your career and educational choices. According to Florida’s evaluation of regions with 1 million or more people, the Austin area is the 16th best place to live for families with children and the 2nd best value.

Ladha serves as the Outreach and Communications Manager for PeopleFund, a nonprofit community development financial institution which creates economic opportunity. Ladha’s responsibilities include managing the East Austin Economic Summit, which is being held October 11, the PeopleTalk Speaker Series, and Focus East, an initiative of East Austin business owners to work collaboratively on marketing, infrastructure improvements, and coalition building to create a stronger business community in East Austin.


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