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Barack Inc.: Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign Focus of Feb 2 Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on January 30, 2009

Barry Libert, co-author of BARACK, INC. Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Cam0137022077_Libert_Barack_cover.inddpaign, will discuss the best business insights to be learned from President Barack Obama’s election campaign on the February 2 edition of Economic Perspectives.   Libert and co-author Rick Fault believe the Obama campaign is an inspiring business case study of exemplary leadership values and winning tactics that can beat even the toughest competitors.

“We believe Obama’s political pioneering set a brilliant standard for any business seeking to prosper in the Web 2.0 world of the 21st century.  Hence this book: Obama’s campaign saga annotated for business use,” write Libert and Faulk.

Through interviews with Obama supporters and study of the presidential election coverage the authors identify the following three pillars of Obama’s successful campaign strategy:

  • Create a vast online community of supporters by harnessing the power of online social technologies
  • Keep cool under pressure
  • Become a catalyst for change

Barry Libert is chairman of Mzinga, a leading provider of social software solutions that create online communities for marketing, customer support, and learning for major corporations around the world including ABC, AOL, Disney, MTV, and Sports Illustrated.  Mzinga manages more than 14,000 communities and has over 60 million unique visitors every month.  He is a pioneer in using communities and Web 2.0 technologies to help enterprises thrive and accelerate business growth.  He was co-author of the recently published We Are Smarter than Me, a critically acclaimed book created in collaboration with Wharton Publishing that used the Wiki-based contributions of more than 4,000 people to illustrate how businesses could profit from the wisdom of crowds.


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