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CEO of Online Brokerage Firm to Provide Investing Tips on Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on March 12, 2009

Dan Greenshields, President and CEO of Sharebuilder, an online brokerage firm, will provide tips to help investors minimize risk and maximize gain on the March 16 edition of Economic Perspectives.  Sharebuilder is the 6th largest online brokerage firm with over $2 billion in assets.  Online brokers have seen record numbers of new customers recently as investors have looked for ways to cut brokerage costs.

Dan Greenshields

Dan Greenshields

Some of the tips recommended by Greenshields include:

  • Earn rewards, avoid instant gratification
  • Set-up automatic savings
  • Make investing a way of life
  • Do your research, then diversify

Greenshields also serves as President and Chief Investment Officer of ShareBuilder Advisors LLC and has been with them over 8 years, During this time he served as the Company’s CFO and member of the Executive Management Team securing venture financing, driving M&A activity, managing daily market risk and launching the ShareBuilder 401(k) product.


Greeenshields joined ShareBuilder in 2000 as an Executive Officer and CFO; Dan served as a member of the Board of Directors of ShareBuilder Corporation prior to joining full time as an employee. Prior to ShareBuilder Dan worked for the investment and insurance group of GE Capital Services, now known as Genworth Financial. As Vice President, Business Development for GE Capital, he specialized in corporate finance, portfolio risk management, strategic investing and merger and acquisitions.


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