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Web Marketing Strategies Focus of June 29 Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on June 27, 2009

Ian Lurie, President and Elizabeth Marsten, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Manager of Portent Interactive andAIO book co-authors of Web Marketing, All-in-One for Dummies will be the June 29 guests on Economic Perspectives.  TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE: Ian Lurie/Elizabeth Marsten Interview

Lurie and Marsten will discuss:

  • How to use online tools to spread your marketing message,
  • How to establish a strong Web presence,
  • How to promote your site with e-mail marketing,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Pay-per-click,
  • Social networking

Lurie founded Portent Interactive in 1995, a full service internet marketing agency. His diverse background includes degrees in History and Law, experience as an information designer, graphic designer, marketing copywriter and programmer, two years working in a bicycle shop, and a brief stint as a political hack. As a child he used a TRS-80 Model One to print out fliers advertising his lawn mowing business. The rest is history.

As the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Manager at Portent Interactive, Marsten oversees all the PPC operations and staff.  She is a regular contributor of PPC best practices on the Portent Interactive blog, along with the worst practices on the PPC spoof blog


One Response to “Web Marketing Strategies Focus of June 29 Economic Perspectives”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Thanks for having us on! I hope Ian and I were able to impart some useful information to your listeners.

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