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Innovative Strategies for Business Survival During Recession Focus of July 6 Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on July 6, 2009

Scott Anthony, author of The Silver Lining: An Innovative Playbook for Uncertain Times is the July 6 guest on Economic Perspectives on KAZI 88.7 FM.  TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE: Scott Anthony Interview

In The Silver Lining Anthony argues that while the economic shock of 2008 constitutes the new normal, too many managers are slashing costs indiscriminately.  He says smart managers continue innovating during tough times by stopping ineffective initiatives, changing key business practices, and starting more productive behavior.  The result is the smart managers’ companies emerge from downturns stronger than ever.  Providing a wealth of ideas, tools, and examples from diverse industries, Anthony explains how to safeguard your company’s profitability even during the toughest recessions.Silver Lining

Anthony is President of Innosight, a management consulting firms focused on innovation. Anthony has worked with Fortune 500 and start-up companies in industries such as media (print and broadcast), consumer products, investment banking, transportation and logistics, healthcare, medical devices, software, petrochemicals, and communications equipment. In 2005-2006 he spearheaded a year-long project to help the newspaper industry grapple with industry transformation (Newspaper Next), and in 2003-2004 led a multi-month project to help the government of Singapore understand how to create an environment that fosters entrepreneurialism and innovation.


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