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Entrepreneurial Artist Focus of August 10 Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on August 9, 2009

The Bydee Art Gallery has been a fixture in the Austin art scene almost continuously since 1990-with a one year detour from 2005-2006 when the owner moved to Philadelphia.  Spawned from the unique vision of Trinidadian artist Brian Joseph, Joseph has successfully fused the spirit of the artist with the cold hard reality of business.  Brian Joseph will discuss his experience as an entrepreneur and artist on the August 10th edition of Economic Perspectives on KAZI 88.7FM.

Brian Joseph and his art

Brian Joseph and his art

Joseph started painting in 1986 with no formal training.  His style of painting promotes education and diversity through the fictitious colorful Bydee People which reminds one of  life in the Carribean.  Joseph is  a poet, motivational speaker, and is also the author of four books: Color Me Bydee, Happy Calypso Clowns, People Come In All Colors and Words of Bydee.  He has provided commissioned art for a number of significant institutions including  Auburn University, City of Austin, National Education Agency, Texas A & M University, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Joseph has a bachelors degree in sociology and anthropology from Tougaloo University and a masters degree in urban studies from Trinity University.  Currently he is writing his fifth book titled From Brian Joseph to the Bydee Man.


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