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My Favorite Barber: Gary Arbuckle , Owner of Salon Echelon

Posted by Hopeton on June 18, 2010

I’ve been going to Gary Arbuckle, better known as Buck, for haircuts for about 13 years.  At his barber shop/hair salon, Salon Echelon, I’ve debated whether Kobe or Michael Jordan is greater, the role of the church in our community, and of course plenty of political issues.  And of course Buck gives the best haircuts.  He’s a native of Beaumont, and a UT grad.  Some of UT’s best know athletes have graced his chair.  He’s also a good friend of mine. 

So give him try if you’re looking for a new barber who cuts well and can engage in discussions of the hot sports and political issues of the day like the barbershops I grew up.  He has a special discount running for father Day/Juneteenth this weekend.  Save $3.00 on all haircuts and $10 on all chemical and natural locks services.  Make sure you ask for the discount when you visit his shop this weekend.



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