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Book Review – Click: The Magic of Instant Connections

Posted by Hopeton on July 11, 2010

I interviewed Rom Brafman, the co-author of Click: The Magic of Instant Connection, on KAZI Book Review today, and I was so impressed with what he had to say that I decided to write this quick review of his book.

Have you ever had that experience where you just instantly connected with someone?  Do you wish you knew how you were able to do it so you could do it again to close a business deal or persuade a donor to make that big contribution?  If you answered yes to the preceding questions you may want to read, Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori and Rom Brafman.

In this book, Ori and Rom demystify the topic by showing you through true stories why some people are able to quickly connect, and provide chapter-by-chapter directions on how to accelerate the process of connecting with people.  But this book is about more than instant connections.  From the two scientists at Bell Labs that invented the modern microphone to the core group of four players at The University of Florida that led their team to two straight NCAA national championships in 2006 and 2007, Ori and Rom illustrate how the power of connection can help a group accomplish great things.

Unlike many business books on the market, Click is written for a mass audiences (you don’t need an advanced degree to understand them).  It’s 8 chapters and conclusion encompass only 190 pages.  And beginning in chapter two, a chart illustrating the key points made in the book in the previous chapters so far are shown right before the narrative for each chapter begins.

So what credentials do the Brothers Brafman bring to writing this book?  Rom is a psychologist in private practice with a PhD from The University of Florida and Ori is an organizational business consultant with an MBA from Standford University.  After reviewing their book, it is clear that they have cross pollinated their disciplines to write an informative book.  I highly recommend it.


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