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Austin Metro Area Economy Growing But Living Standards Falling Says Economist in Economic Perspectives Interview

Posted by Hopeton on August 24, 2010

“Back in 1999 and 2000, at the height of the go go technology days here in Austin, per capita income, we actually saw it grow to about 110 percent of the U.S. average. And given all the growth that’s happened in the past 10 years in Austin, you know, we make all the best stuff lists, we have one of the best metro area economies in the United States,  you would expect that standards of living would be increasing along with all that economic activity.  That’s not what’s happening.  We’re down to about 91 percent of U.S. per capita income as of 2009 so we’ve actually fallen in terms of living standards despite all the growth,” said Brian Kelsey, principal of Civic Analytics, in an interview on the August 23 edition of Economic Perspectives.  To listen to the entire interview (approximately 17 minutes) click here: Brian Kelsey Interview.


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