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Young Money Today Segment Debuts on Economic Perspectives

Posted by Hopeton on December 6, 2010

If you’re in your 20s and looking for advice, tips, or inspiration on how to manage your career, manage your finances, or start a business, Young Money Today (YMT) is for you.  YMT is a new weekly 5 to 7 minutes segment of the Economic Perspectives radio show which comes on Mondays 5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. on KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, Texas.   Debuting December 6, YMT features an interview by chief correspondent Nikki Green with 27 year-old Austin entrepreneur Joah Spearman, owner of Sneak Attack.  To listen to the interview click here: Young Money Today – December 6, 2010.

Nikki Green and Joah Spearman

I decided to add YMT as a segment to Economic Perspectives because I found a lot of the young people I talked to were interested in learning more about managing their money and business, but there was no radio show out there that was addressing those issues from their perspective.  I also wanted to expand the audience for Economic Perspectives by providing information and stories that would appeal to that group.

Each week YMT will feature interviews with experts and inspiring leaders in business, finance, and career management.  It will also include a weekly ap of the week and personal finance tip of the week.  Upcoming interviews on YMT include

  • Jeffrey Richard, president of the Austin Area Urban League providing career management advice
  • Jas Prince, music entrepreneur and the man who discovered rap artist Drake, sharing the story of his success

While YMT is my brainchild, I recruited 24 year-old University of Texas at Austin corporate communications graduate Nikki Green serves as the chief correspondent.  Since I want YMT to reflect the perspective and needs of today’s twenty-something year-olds, I felt there was no better way to do this than have a talented young people conduct the interviews and provide editorial assistance with the segments.


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