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Average Receipts of Black Firms Far Behind All Firms

Posted by Hopeton on February 20, 2011

As reported in one of my previous posts, the number of Black-owned businesses is growing at a much faster rate than all businesses.  What wasn’t discussed was how far behind Black firms are in average receipts.  Average receipts for Black businesses was $72,000 according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2007 Survey of Business Owners compared to $490,000 for all businesses classifiable by race.

What especially concerns me is the lack of growth in the average receipts of Black-owned businesses since the last report on 2002.  Average receipts for Black firms was $74,000 in 2002.  What is scarier is this doesn’t even take inflation into account.  Factoring in inflation, average receipts for firms in 2002 in 2007 dollars was approximately $85,000.

So what should be done to increase average receipts for Black firms?  Please share your comments, thoughts, ideas..


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