Economic Perspectives with Hopeton Hay on KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, TX

Seeing the Future for Your Business- Author of Ten Steps Ahead and SBA Focus of March 14th Economic Perspectives

Posted by nchanel on March 11, 2011

Hopeton Hay interviews Erik Calonius author of Ten Steps Ahead on Economic Perspectives on Monday, March 14th, at 5:30pm. Listen live at KAZI 88.7 FM Austin or online here: He will also interview Pam Sapia at the SBA about the new lending initiatives announced in February.

See into the future for your business; no crystal ball necessary. It’s what successful visionaries possess that has propelled their small businesses into successful empires.  This book reveals what sets them apart from us.

In his book, Ten Steps Ahead: What Separates Successful Business Visionaries from the Rest of Us, Calonius investigates how and why entrepreneurial visionaries like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson seem to always be “ten steps ahead.” He also shows us how we can get there, too, by carefully cultivating specific skills. Using his knowledge of neuroscience and his one-on-one interviews with business leaders, he explores how these legendary trailblazers have an uncanny ability to not just see, but to shape where the world is heading.  Available in bookstores March 17th.

Erik Calonius is an awarding-winning former reporter, editor, and correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. He also authored The Wanderer: The Last American Slave Ship and the Conspiracy That Set Its Sails. He has collaborated on some 20 books, including Predictably Irrational, a NY Times bestseller.

Also featured, Pamela Sapia is the District Director of the San Antonio District Office for the U.S. Small Business Administration which serves 55 counties in Texas including the Austin/Round Rock metropolitan area.

In FY 2009, the San Antonio District Office assisted more than 20,746 people through training, counseling and business-development programs. During the same period, it approved 827 small business loans totaling over $238.8 million.

Sapia has served as the Supervisory Business Development Specialist where she was responsible for the marketing and outreach and government contracting functions of the office.  Sapia has also served as an Economic Development Specialist and as a Loan Specialist. Her experience includes that of Minority Business Development, Loan Processing, Loan Servicing, Liquidation, and Marketing.  She has developed relationships with borrowers, contractors, lenders, media outlets, congressional staffers, and government representatives throughout the city, county and district.


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