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Learn About New SBA Initiatives April 1 in San Antonio

Posted by Hopeton on March 22, 2011

Meet with leaders from U.S. Small Business Administration, give input on new regulations, and learn how you can take advantage of new tools coming out of the Small Business Jobs Act on April 1, 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. in San Antonio at the Norris Conference Center. Hosted by the San Antonio District Office of the SBA, participants will learn more about getting an SBA loan, competing for federal contracts, finding training and counseling resources, and starting or increasing exports.  Here is an overview of each of these areas:

Putting More Capital in the Hands of Small Business Owners
SBA loans continue to be a critical tool for helping small businesses get the capital they need to grow and create jobs. The Small Business Jobs Act made permanent enhancements to SBA programs, such as raising the maximum size of our top two loan products (7(a) and 504) from $2 million to $5 million. In addition, temporary provisions in the new law include a Dealer Floor Plan financing pilot as well as a program that allows some owner-occupied businesses to refinance their commercial real estate mortgages using an SBA loan. Beyond the Jobs Act, SBA is taking several steps to better serve our lending partners and borrowers, to simplify and streamline loan programs, and to improve oversight of SBA lending.

Strengthening Small Businesses’ Ability to Compete for and Win Federal Contracts
The federal government awards hundreds of billions of dollars each year in federal contracts, nearly one-fourth of which goes to small firms. The Small Business Jobs Act contained 19 provisions that will help small businesses compete more effectively for federal contracts and subcontracts. The SBA is rolling out these provisions that will help ensure more fairness, more opportunities, and more tools to help match federal agencies with small businesses that provide high-quality products and services.

Expanding Resources for Counseling and Training
SBA has at least one District Office in each state, as well as about 14,000 affiliated counselors at Small Business Development Centers, Women’s Business Centers and SCORE mentoring chapters. The Small Business Jobs Act is helping support these groups in a number of ways. For example, $50 million more is being provided to support the network of about 900 Small Business Development Centers throughout the country. Also, SBA is working with a broad group of counselors to equip them with more tools and information to help small firms start or increase exporting. 

Expanding Exporting Opportunities for Small Business
Small businesses looking for new opportunities to increase sales and profit, and take advantage of increased demand for high-quality U.S. goods and services should consider exporting. The Small Business Jobs Act includes exporting resources to help small businesses by making the SBA Export Express pilot loan program permanent, increasing maximum sizes for SBA’s three export loan programs, and creating a new State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) grants pilot program which will provide funds to states to assist small business interested in exporting. These expanded opportunities also help build upon President Obama’s goal of doubling exports in the next five years via the National Export Initiative.

To rsvp for this event click here.


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