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Listen to Interview About Growing Your Business with Doug and Polly White

Posted by HH on October 23, 2011

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with defining your role in the business you may want to listen to my interview with Doug and Polly White, authors of Let Go to Grow. In their book, the authors contend that for a business to reach the next level of success the owner has to ” let go of daily responsibilities and delegate tasks to trusted employees and managers.”  To listen to my interview with Doug and Polly White click here:  Doug and Polly White Interview.

Using real life examples, Let Go to Grow illustrates how the principal’s skill-set must change to allow the business to prosper. But, it goes beyond simply spelling out what needs to be done; the book explains how to do it in clear, concise and practical terms. Let Go to Grow is a must-read that helps principals transition their businesses into growing and thriving enterprises.

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Financial Fitness Seminar Targets African American Families in November

Posted by HH on October 22, 2011

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Austin Cen-Tex Chapter’s First Annual Financial Fitness Seminar is being held Saturday, November 5, 2011, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Huston-Tillotson University.  The Financial Fitness Seminar will feature a wide variety of free workshops that will provide will help families achieve better results in managing their personal finances and starting a business.

The recent economic downturn has left a number of families struggling to survive, especially in the Black community.  According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Black unemployment is 16 percent, nearly twice as high as it was in December of 2008 when the “Great Recession” began.  A recent analysis of government data by the Pew Research Center revealed that median wealth of Black households in 2009 was only $5,677 while that of white households was $113,149.

Roger Davis

Roger Davis, president of NABA’s Austin Cen-Tex chapter  says that sponsoring the seminar  provides opportunities for members to fulfill their civic responsibilities.”It promotes public confidence in our members and their services,” explains Davis. Davis also thanked Charles Schwab for being the title sponsor of the Financial Fitness Seminar.

The Financial Fitness Seminar is in line with NABA’s commitment to improving  financial education in the African American and other communities by providing basic financial tools that allow individuals to establish realistic goals and work towards achieving them.  Experienced professionals will deliver the training workshops which will include:

  • Taking Charge of Your Finances
  • Budgeting, Checking, and Savings
  • Registering for Camps/College/Grants/Scholarships
  • Car Buying / Credit
  • Home Buying / Credit
  • Youth Small Business
  • Adult Small Business
  • 401K, Pensions, Investments
  • Estates, Trusts, Wills
  • Tax Update

A number of non-profit organizations will assist with the training including BiG Austin, Economic Growth Business Incubator, Foundation Communities, and Frameworks.

Juanita Stephens

NABA member Juanita Stephens who is teaching the workshop on 401K, Pensions, Investments says a financial planner’s job is not to make you rich, but to keep you from being poor.

“We are living in a time of have’s and have nots.  Which one do you want to be,”  explains Stephens, an investment advisor  for Austin’s Wealth Specialists.

Working with NABA member Regina Shelton, a student at St. Edwards University, the Austin Cen-Tex chapter developed a training track for youth instead of focusing exclusively on adults.

“For our communities to be strong, current adults and future adults must prepare themselves for a ever changing and uncertain economy to our families and businesses to thrive and survive going forward,” says Davis.

For more information and registration contact Hopeton Hay at

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