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Do It Yourself Hedge Funds: Everything You Need to Make Millions Right Now By Wayne Weddington

Reviewed by Travis Kent

Wayne Weddington sets out to educate and de-mystify the world of hedge hedgefundsfunds, and in the process provides a logic based guide to investment decision making for the individual investor. This book is where high finance, Wall Street mentality meets every day, Main Street needs and provides small and large investors alike a thought process in which to turn everyday ideas into potential investment strategies. From multi-million dollar mistakes to triple digit returns, the author combines sage advice, personal experience and real world anecdotes that not only provide insight to how the ultra rich invest their money, but how all of us can participate effectively on our own with tools available at our fingertips.

Most important to me in this book was the progression from basic hedge fund and investment education to the investment decision making processes and finally to execution of your personal investment style. Wayne reminds us that Wall Street priorities (i.e. making money) don’t always align with our investment needs and with a little time and effort, we can be our own money manager.

This book has an easy to follow style and though the author at times flexes some of the intellectual muscle that originally led him to medical school, for the most part his style is plain and simple and easy to understand. Long positions, short sells, ADR’s, Spiders and options are some examples of the financial lingo that is not only explained in the book but we are also taught how to use in day to day strategies.  Weddington writes in Chapter 5: “Many profitable themes are slow moving, have extended onsets, and are well-covered by the media. They are not a secret, and they are there for all to participate in.”  Indeed, it is this quote that lays the groundwork for what this book is about.

I am convinced that anyone interested in investing or even just curious about what really goes on the mind of a professional investor will enjoy this book. Solid investment education and real world examples of how to put an investment plan into action make this a must read.

Travis Kent is a surety underwriter


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