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CEO of Austin Advertising Agency GSD&M Idea City Feb 16 Guest on Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on February 12, 2009

Roy Spence, CEO of Austin based GSD&M Idea City, the advertising agency for Southwest Airlines, spence-bookBMW and many of America’s best known brands, will be the guest on the February 12 edition of Economic Perspectives. At a time when we’re all paying the price for the corporate greed that contributed to today’s financial crisis his new book,  IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SELL, IT’S WHAT YOU STAND FOR: Why Every Extraordinary Business is Driven By Purpose, shows organizations that the route to success is to stand for something beyond just making money.

A clearly articulated purpose is at the heart of the world’s most extraordinary companies argues Spence. Spence has stood out from other top advertising CEOs by helping his clients identify and articulate their purpose — a north star that can focus every move of their organization. His agency helped Wal-Mart define its purpose as saving people money to live better and helped Southwest Airlines realize their true purpose of democratizing the skies. Purpose-driven companies like these are the ones that can survive and thrive in any economy because they have a reason for being that their customers can’t live without.

Roy Spence is chairman and CEO of GSD&M Idea City, a leading national marketing communications and advertising company. Under Roy’s leadership and their Purpose-based Branding™ philosophy, the agency has helped grow some of the world’s most successful brands and has used their talents to make a difference in communities around the country and the world.

Spence has been named Ad Man of the Year and Idea Man of the Century and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, Esquire, Fast Company, INC. and FORTUNE for his perspectives on advertising, marketing and finding and fulfilling an organization’s purpose. A popular keynote speaker, he regularly addresses audiences from throughout the business, government and nonprofit communities.

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