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Building a Marketing Plan Focus of February 21 KAZI Book Review

Posted by Hopeton on February 19, 2010

A great marketing plan identifies where an organization is, where it wants to be, and how it will get there. Most companies think they already have such a plan-but often they really have only a budget, a sales goal, or an excuse.

What’s the solution? According to Paul Kurnit and Steve Lance, it’s not about copying someone else’s cookie-cutter plan, or retreading your own plan from years past. There’s a far more effective option: harnessing the company’s own internal brain trust to create something fresh and perfectly tailored. Kurnit and Lance, the authors of The Little Blue Book of Marketing: Build a Killer Plan in Less Than a Day, will be the February 21 guests on KAZI Book Review, 12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m. central time on KAZI 88.7 FM.  Listen live online at

The authors show how to maximize collaboration among all key players in marketing, R&D, research, sales, financial, legal, and senior management. When everyone combines their knowledge, the critical elements become clear, including brand positioning, target audience, and competitive strategy.

Paul Kurnit and Steve Lance are the founders of PS Insights, a consulting firm that helps businesses foster team building and dynamic growth.  Kurnit has created marketing plans for a wide range of companies including Hasbro, Proctor & Gamble, and American Express.  Lance, the coauthor of The Little Blue Book of Advertising, is a thirty-year veteran of advertising and marketing and an award-winning copywriter and creative director.  He is also the former creative director of the television network NBC.


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