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Regional Conference Helps African American Students Develop Careers in Accounting

Posted by HH on September 12, 2013

Raphael Irving

Raphael Irving

Since its founding in 1969, the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) has played a major role in helping African Americans in the accounting industry, both students, and professionals, build successful careers.  On Economic Perspectives this past Monday, the Western Region President , Raphael Irving, talked about how college students will benefit from participating in the NABA Southwest-Western Region Student Conference which will be held in Houston October 3 – 5.  To listen to the interview click here: 

This year’s conference, as in past years, will offer seminars and workshops designed to enhance your communicative and interpersonal skills and provide tools that will allow for a smoother transition into the professional environment. The conference will also offer the optimum forum to interact with students from other colleges and universities.

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PODCAST: How to Build a Successful Small Business

Posted by HH on September 10, 2013

Brian Walters

Brian Walters

Management consultant Brian Walters recently discussed what is takes to be successful in business on Economic Perspectives. Walters, who teaches business courses at Austin Community College, has an MBA and over two decades of corporate and consulting experience.  To listen to the interview click here:

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City of Austin Upcoming Bond Election Focus of March 19 Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on March 18, 2012

Don Baylor

Don Baylor, a member of the City of Austin Bond Election Advisory Task Force will be a guest on the March 19 edition of Economic Perspectives at 5:30 p.m. central time on KAZI 88.7 FM.  Listen live online at

The City of Austin is planning a Bond Election where voters will get to decide whether the city should borrow money to fund specified city infrastructure, facilities, or other capital improvement projects or programs.  Four community meetings on potential projects for the Bond Election are scheduled for late March beginning on March 20.

The Task Force, City staff, and the community will work together over the next several months to identify and review potential projects and programs for future bond funding. In May 2012, the Task Force will provide recommendations for the City Council to consider when developing a potential bond package.

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Emergency Homeowners Loan Program and Advocacy of Ideas Focus of July 10 Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on July 7, 2011

Raquel Valdez, manager of the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program for BCL of Texas, and John Daly, author of Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others, are the guest for the two segments of  the July 10 edition of Economic Perspectives, 5:30 p.m.-6 p.m. central time on KAZI 88.7 FM.  Listen live online at

Raquel Valdez, Emergency Homeowners Loan Program

EHLP is designed to provide mortgage payment relief to eligible homeowners experiencing a decrease in income of at least 15%directly resulting from involuntary unemployment or underemployment due to adverse economic conditions and/or a medical emergency. The deadline for pre-applicant eligibility screening is July 22.

Raquel Valdez

Some of the eligibility requirements include;

a. Own fee simple title to the mortgaged property; property must be a single-family (1-4 unit), condominium, cooperative or manufactured home that is secured by a mortgage.

b. Involuntary unemployment or underemployment due to the economy or a medical condition

c. Current income at least 15% less than it was in 2009.

d. At least 90 days delinquent on your mortgage.

For more information on eligibility for the program click here.

John Daly, Advocacy

When a group of people gather together to generate ideas for solving a problem or achieving a goal, sometimes the best ideas are passed over. Worse, a problematic suggestion with far less likelihood of success may be selected instead. Why would a group dismiss an option that would be more effective? Leadership and communications expert John Daly has a straightforward answer: it wasn’t sold to them as well. If the best idea is yours, how can you increase the chances that it gains the support of the group? In Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others, Daly explains in full detail how to transform ideas into practice.

Dr. Daly is a professor in the College of Communications and McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.  He has worked with more than 300 public agencies and private organizations around the world in consulting, training and speaking roles including 3M, Apple Computers, Dell Computers, Goldman Sachs, and Home Depot.

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The Challenges Facing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Focus of April 25 Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on April 25, 2011

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, co-author of Guaranteed to Fail: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance will be a guest on Economic Perspectives today at 5:30 p.m. central time. Stacy Dukes-Rhone, executive director of BiGAustin, will also be a guest and will discuss BiG Idea Day which is on April 29. Listen live online at

Guaranteed to Fail opines how “poorly designed government guarantees” for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac led to the debacle of mortgage finance in the United States, weighs different reform proposals, and provides recommendations. This book unravels the dizzyingly immense, highly interconnected businesses of Fannie and Freddie. It proposes a model of reform that emphasizes public-private partnership, one that can serve as a blueprint for better organizing and managing government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In doing so, Guaranteed to Fail strikes a cautionary note about excessive government intervention in markets.

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Changing Texas Demographics and Accidental Management Focus of April 4th Economic Perspectives

Posted by nchanel on March 30, 2011

Hopeton Hay interviews Evan Smith, CEO and Editor- in-Chief of Texas Tribune and Jessica Looney of PeopleFund on their upcoming forum on the changing demographics in Texas. Listen live at KAZI 88.7 FM Austin or online here: He will also interview Hank Gilman, Deputy Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine on his new book You Can’t Fire Everyone and his lessons on becoming a manager.

Following that, Hopeton will interview a representative of the City of Austin about the proposed Urban Rail Line that will serve central Austin.  You can get more info at

The face of Texas is changing. Under that wide brim cowboy hat maybe something unexpected. PeopleFund presents PeopleTalk, an upcoming event featuring Evan Smith, on demographics, policy, and civic engagement.  Learn about changing Texas demographics and the impact on policies, your part in the Texas political process, greater civic engagement, and making room for a civil, informed discourse for a better and more productive Texas. Join the forum on Thursday, April 7th, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar. Tickets are available in advance or at the door; purchase includes salad and pizza from the Alamo Drafthouse. Buy tickets here!

About People Fund:

PeopleFund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1994 as Austin Community Development corporation, they provide loans, financial and technical assistance to people who are left out of the financial mainstream.  In 2008, they founded PeopleTrust, a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to creating and maintaining affordable housing in Texas. PeopleFund is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury

About Evan Smith:

Evan Smith is the CEO and editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, which, in its first year in operation, won two national Edward R. Murrow Awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and a General Excellence Award from the Online News Association. Previously he spent nearly 18 years at Texas Monthly, stepping down in August 2009 as the magazine’s president and editor-in-chief. On his watch, Texas Monthly was nominated for 16 National Magazine Awards, the magazine industry’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, and twice was awarded the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. He currently hosts a new show, Overheard with Evan Smith, that airs on PBS stations nationally. A New York native, Smith has a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., and a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School at Northwestern University.

Also Featured,

Hopeton also interviews Hank Gilman about his fortunate lessons on developing into a manger and what they mean for you and your business.

His book, You Can’t Fire Everyone: and Other Lessons from an Accidental Manager, tells Gilman coming of age in management. Gilman is the opposite of a slick management guru. He’s an old-school journalist who was suddenly given responsibility for a bunch of other journalists. In other words, he was an accidental manager, just like millions of others who never trained for the challenges of being a boss. Drawing on his wealth of experience (i.e. countless screw-ups) and with wry humor, Gilman shares the finer points of what it takes to be a great boss. He covers everything from whether you should try to be friends with your staff (Don’t) to what will happen if you tell someone about to go on vacation to “think about how you can do things differently” (You will burn in hell!).

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President of Austin African American Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Public Forum Focus of March 7th Economic Perspectives

Posted by nchanel on March 3, 2011

Clarence Goins, the new president of the Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce, will be the guest on Economic Perspectives on Monday, March 7th, at 5:30pm. Hopeton Hay will also interview a representative from the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Department about the city’s upcoming public forums for the allocation of funds for housing and community development. Listen live at KAZI 88.7 FM Austin or online here:
Prior to joining the Chamber, Goins held several management positions with the Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas. He replaces Interim President Juanita Stephens. Goins will discuss his plans for promoting the growth and development of African American-owned businesses.
Founded in 1982, the Capital City African-American Chamber of Commerce promotes the development of African American businesses and the expansion of the business community by providing resources, technical assistance, and leadership on policy issues that enhance economic growth and by promoting convention and tourism.
For more information on the Capital City African American Chambers of Commerce,
Also featured is a representative from the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Housing and Community Development. As a result of the African-American Quality of Life Initiative of 2005 African American businesses now have more opportunity to provide input on the plans for the federal funds before decisions are made on how the funds will be allocated.
The City of Austin anticipates cuts to federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in fiscal year 2011-12. This federal funding assists with affordable housing, community development, economic development, and public service needs. Neighborhood Housing and Community Development invites you to provide feedback about community needs and how federal and local funds should be prioritized. View upcoming public hearings. Neighborhood meetings are listed below.
Neighborhood Meetings:
Wed., March 9th, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Montopolis Recreation Center, 1200 Montopolis Dr.
Tues., March 22nd, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Hancock Community Center- Room 3, 811 E. 41st St.
Wed., March 23rd, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Parque Zaragosa Recreation Center, 2608 Gonzales St.

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Austin Urban League CEO to Discuss State of Black America on Economic Perspectives April 5

Posted by HH on March 31, 2010

Jeffrey Richard, President and CEO of the Austin Area Urban League will discuss the National Urban League’s report on the State of Black America on the April 5 edition of Economic Perspectives, 5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. central time  on KAZI 88.7 FMListen live online at  Enclosed below is an overview on the State of Black America report provided by the press office of the National Urban League.

Jeffrey Richard

With black unemployment numbers nearly double that of whites, the National Urban League’s State of Black America report shows that the ravages of the recession are impacting minorities much worse than the rest of the nation. The solution to this crisis is getting jobs to people in these communities and the Urban League is encouraging the nation’s leaders to act swiftly and support a $168 billion plan it has to generate jobs to make sure no one is left behind or left out of economic recovery efforts.

“These are tough times in America and they require a powerful and immediate response,” said Marc H. Morial, National Urban League president and CEO. “The government has bailed out Wall Street. It’s time to act swiftly and do something for Main Street, which includes a strong, focused jobs plan. There can be no true economic recovery in this country without addressing the dire jobs situation in urban America.”

The report coincides with the National Urban League’s Centennial initiative, “I AM EMPOWERED,” which includes a goal for the nation to achieve access for every American to a quality job with a living wage and good benefits by 2025.

For the first time the State of Black America report, which measures disparities between blacks and whites in areas of economics, education, health, civic engagement and social justice, includes a Hispanic index.  While they still lag behind, with an overall Equality Index of 75.5 percent, Hispanics are faring better than blacks, whose overall Equality Index was 71.8 percent.

Unemployment numbers in the report are most troubling.  Black unemployment was14.8 percent in 2009, compared to 8.5 percent for whites. Hispanic unemployment was 12.1 percent.  These numbers are significant as the lack of jobs means less opportunity for home ownership, less access to healthcare and fewer minorities engaging in post secondary education.  In many of the categories in the report, blacks either made no progress or lost ground.  Small gains made in median household income decreased in this year’s report falling to 62 percent from 65 percent. Less than half of black and Hispanic families owned homes and both were more than three times as likely as whites to live below the poverty line.  The report also shows a big difference in 2009 real median household income between whites and minorities. Real median income for whites was $34,218 for blacks, $37, 913 for Hispanics and $55,530 for whites.  In education, whites over the age of 25 were more than one and a half times as likely as blacks and two and a half times as likely as Hispanics to hold a bachelor’s degree.

“The recession eliminated any chances of making real progress over the last decade,” said Valerie Rawlston Wilson, vice president of research at the Urban League’s Policy Institute. “With a decade that has been defined by a record of zero net job growth, falling incomes and declining net worth, the State of Black America report accurately puts the focus on jobs as a solution to this crisis.”

The National Urban League proposes its Plan for Creating Jobs as a solution to the jobs crisis in urban communities.  It’s a comprehensive six-point plan to make a direct investment of $168 billion over two years to address the most urgent needs of American families in economic crisis by investing in direct job creation, job training for the chronically unemployed, greater access to credit for small businesses and additional counseling relief for those caught in the backlog of the foreclosure process. The plan also suggests tax incentives for clean energy equipment manufacturers who employ individuals in the targeted communities. More specifically the six points call for:  direct funding for job creation, expansion of the Small Business Administration’s Community Express Loan Program, creation of green empowerment zones, expansion of housing counselors nationwide, expansion of the Youth Summer Jobs Program and the creation of 100 urban job academies.

Experts and leaders offer further solutions to bringing jobs to urban America with insightful essays that focus on such topics as the importance of green jobs to economic recovery in minority communities, job opportunities through broadband access; job creation through small business assistance, job training through volunteering and education as a pathway to jobs with livable wages.  Authors include U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Philadelphia Urban League President Patricia Coulter and Urban League Young Professionals President Barton Taylor.

The Plan for Creating Jobs is another initiative by the National Urban League in the year of its 100th anniversary to build on its legacy of bringing economic opportunity and equality to minority communities.  Through its nearly 100 affiliates, the Urban League continues to be successful in providing job training and job placement programs in communities across the country. The League has held a green jobs summit to prepare for the new green economy, met with President Obama and other civil rights leaders to discuss specific plans of action for the jobs crisis and launched the I AM EMPOWERED initiative. One of the goals of the Urban League’s I AM EMPOWERED initiative is that every American has a job with a livable wage and benefits by 2025.  At people can take the I AM EMPOWERED pledge to commit to this and other goals in education, healthcare and housing.  They also can get information about jobs programs at local affiliates and through social mobilization technology engage in real time discussions with people all over the world about the jobs crisis and how to fix it.

“We are not a think tank or a talk tank but a do tank,” Morial said.  “As a civil rights organization we have always been about bringing economic opportunities to the communities that we serve. And as we celebrate 100 years of service we will remain steadfast in that commitment.”

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Nonprofit That Helps Low Income Families with Housing and Financial Management Focus of March 1 Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on February 26, 2010

Walter Moreau, executive director of Foundation Communities, will be the March 1 guest on Economic Perspectives on KAZI 88.7 FM, 5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. central time.  Listen to the interview live online at  Foundation Communities is an Austin nonprofit organization which creates and manages affordable for low income families.  It provides a wide variety of services to the residents of its housing and other low income families to help break the cycle of poverty.  With real estate holdings valued at $67 million and a $4 million capital fund, it is one of the 10 largest nonprofits in Austin.

The support programs operated by Foundation Communities include:

Walter Moreau

  • Community Learning Centers, located right in the center of its housing communities, which are open daytime and evenings providing free services includings computer lab, pre-school classes, after-school programs, teen clubs and ESL classes,
  • Free tax preparation for low income families in Austin through its Community Tax Centers which prepare 17,000 tax returns annually,
  • Financial literacy education and support including matched savings accounts, and financial coaching.

Moreau has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.  During his 20-year career, he has secured subsidy financing of more than $100 million to create more than 2,400 units of service-enriched, nonprofit-owned affordable housing.

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History of Black Business Focus of KAZI Book Review & Economic Perspectives

Posted by HH on February 4, 2010

Despite almost four centuries of black independent self-help enterprises, the agency of African Americans in attempting to forge their own economic liberation through business activities and entrepreneurship has remained noticeably absent from the historical record.  Dr. Juliet Walker, author of the award-winning History of Black Business in America will discuss the continuity, diversity, and multiplicity of independent self-help economic activities among African Americans on KAZI Book Review,  February 7, 12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m. central time on KAZI 88.7 FM.  The interview will be rebroadcast on February 8, 5:30 p.m.  – 6 p.m. on Economic Perspectives.  Listen live online to the interview at

Juliet Walker

Dr. Walker recently updated the History of Black Business in America, dividing the original work into two volumes. The first volume, which was published December 2009, covers African American business history through the end of the Civil War and features the first comprehensive account of black business during the Civil War. By emphasizing the African origins of black business practices and highlighting the contributions of black women, enslaved and free, Walker casts aside the long-held assumption that a “lack of a business tradition” is responsible for the failure of African Americans to establish successful, large-scale enterprises.

Dr. Walker is the founder and director of the Center for Black Business History, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also a professor in the History Department of the University of Texas at Austin, and has written numerous books in African American history, including Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier.

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